I love to teach and I love to learn. Over the years I've created hundreds of fun activities that make learning easy. We tried them out over and over again in the hallways, in the garden, in the street and yes, even in the classroom. Many are posted on this blog, "Shakespeare slept here." Many of you may have participated in them. 
I've always been both a teacher and a student in San Francisco, in Mexico and in Madrid. I was an English teacher at UEM for 18+ years. Now I'm happily retired and on to the next adventure.

Últimas publicaciones

Look around you. Listen. Some of your classmates speak foreign languages. They come from England and Ireland, France and Germany, Chile and Peru, and many other countries you'd love to visit some day. What are you waiting for? International exchange programs are a great way to see the world. You're not a tourist, you're a long-term visitor. You adapt. You learn. You grow. You make life-long friends.


Happy New Year to one and all.

I'm on a windy hilltop looking out at San Francisco Bay. The  Golden Gate Bridge is in front of me and beyond it, the Pacific Ocean. It's a windy day, and the view is dramatic. Some days I watch the fog come in until all is white and the view disappears entirely. Other days I can see for miles. Just now, in the winter, the sun sets directly over the bridge and the sky is spectacular on a clear night. I miss the view from my hilltop when I'm in Spain.


Hello UE students, professors and staff,


What do Spaniards miss when they're traveling around the world? Spanish nightlife, family and friends and "jamón & chorizo". I've just discovered that you CAN find these Spanish delicacies abroad. When you go to Berkeley, California or London, England, you don't have to exist on hamburgers and pizzas. You can find "jamón & chorizo". This has not always been the case. Look what I found this year in those two places. 



Students, employees, and visitors came to the UEM Language Center's XXII 2-day book sale on May 4th and 5th to donate books and buy books for as little as 1 and 2 Euros each. Student volunteers joined the teachers and staff who took turns at the stand talking about books they'd read, recommending books and collecting money for an NGO. This year UNHCR / ACNUR was the NGO selected by the Language Center staff. It is the UN agency for refugees and the pamphlets that were posted read "EMERGENCIA EN SIRIA..." : 4 million refugees. 8 million homeless. Collaborate with ACNUR.


Do you like the music from the 60's and '70s and beyond? Yeah, I do too. You know, Chuck Berry’s ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN, Sam Cook’s WONDERFUL WORLD  “I don’t know much about history…,” Elvis’s BLUE SUEDE SHOES, IT’S NOW OR NEVER . Do you remember DON’T BE CRUEL, YOU’RE 16, LOVE POTION #9, IN THE SUMMER TIME, HEAT WAVE, SPEEDY GONZALEZ...PRETTY WOMAN, THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING and many, many more?


I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the fall trimester. I miss you and all the classes and good times we shared. Get involved and stay involved in all the Language Center activities. They're fun.


Colorín, colorado, Este año académico se ha acabado.

One more academic year has finished; 2014-2015 is a thing of the past.

And now....vacation! It's time to play.
You've taken your last exam, turned in your project, finished everything albeit at the last moment. It's August, finally!


It's now May, 2015, and the big questions is still- "Do YOU speak English? Do you do it with a smile? Can you communicate with others ?

I speak English. You know I do. I've spoken it since I was a little girl. I've used my English in North America, South America, Europe and Africa. And yes, a couple of years ago I finally got to Asia. Some day I'll get to Australia and New Zealand too. I have relatives and friends in all those places and I need to speak to them and write to them in English, in Spanish, in Portuguese. Are you still mono-lingual? I hope not.


Now though we say good-bye, I'll still be thinking of you and wondering what's going on at UEM. I won't know because I won't be there.

Have you finished your multimedia and attended all the classes? Are you getting everything done on time so you can relax? Do you plan to do volunteering? Are you practicing your English?