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Soy una apasionada del inglés y de su enseñanza y estoy encantada de trabajar en un departamento con compañeros tan capacitados y buenos profesionales. En el Language Center ofrecemos cursos para mejorar tu inglés en todas sus competencias de una manera muy amena y productiva. ¡No lo retrases y apuntate!

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In todays posts I am going to transcrip three great compositions written by Alberto Santara, Jose Manuel Toro Yébenes and our not anonymous student anymore: PIERRE SEMSEVY who are all studying A2 at present. Your work is a fine example to other students!

I also want to thank Conchita for the idea of today's post. It takes a great teacher to get the best out of her students.



Is it easy for you to concentrate when you need to study? Or do you suddenly feel like you have to get other things done such as (1) clearing away the plates from the table, (2) picking up your email or tidying up your wardrobe?


Are you happy with your studies? Starting the new year can be quite a (1) mind-boggling experience. Some subjects that you love will (2) blow your mind, while others might feel a bit (3) dull. One thing is for sure, you'll find the changes between being on holiday and starting your classes quite (4) staggering. It's normal if you feel a little bit confused and (5) stifled for the first days or weeks.


The summer is fast coming to an end and the new academic year is here already. Good news, bad news? Well, it depends on how you look at it. Remember that, as we say in English, (1) every cloud has a silver lining.

You might feel a bit stressed by the prospect of (2) juggling all of your responsibilities: classes, homework, exams, your part-time job... and still feeling strong enough to enjoy your free time.


Our holidays are almost here and we are going to make the most of them: we are going to relax and rest up before getting back to our normal routine, we are going to see all the tourist spots, hopefully get a bit of a tan and (1) have lovely sleep-ins in the mornings. It's going (2) to be a blast!

But, (3) there is a catch. If you are flying, you may need to endure a few nuisances before reaching your destintion and being able to unwind.


Are you more or less ready for the holidays?

Whether you are going to a new destination or heading straight back home one thing is for sure, you wouldn't miss the holidays for the world.

Not everything about the holidays is pretty though.

First, one (1) dreads packing all the stuff we need to take with us which we invariably end up (2) lugging around from one place to the next.

Second, we dread travelling during (3) the peak season with lines that are out of the door, delays, oversold flights, tight connections and other assorted problems.


Summer holidays are here at last.

We need to make our reservations, book our room and means of transport, decide where to go and with whom... so many things and all of them with a common denominator: we need money to do them.