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Wrong decisions

Wendy . Blog Publicado 17 Septiembre 2012

There's an easy way and there's a difficult way to do practically anything.

You can sit in your classroom, pay attention, learn the lesson, do your homework and pass the exam. Meanwhile your friend is playing with his cell phone, texting you from two seats away, copying your homework, and failing the exam. Who deserves to pass the course? YOU do!

You listen to someone's ideas, give an opinion, defend your point of view, and start a friendly debate about the topic. Everyone is calm. Your friend, who is not as diplomatic as you are, decides to demand attention, shout out his opinion, argue with everyone, and walk out slamming the door. Who wins the debate? YOU do! .

Life is full of challenges. Sometimes, however, the easy way is not the best. Let's take walking from Point A to Point B. Your math teacher taught you that a straight line was the most direct route. You've managed to follow that sage advise all your life.
Then you started to think about it, all of a sudden, one day as you were walking down the sidewalk, talking to a friend, and almost bumped into something.

You had to stop. You couldn't believe it. Someone actually planned this. Someone else authorized it. Others just followed orders and installed things one after another.

Two blocks away you knew there were wide sidewalks, no obstacles and ramps on the curbs for the disabled. Ramps on the curbs? Those are here too as are the tactile sidewalks, the bumpy-surfaced sidewalks so the blind are aware of the upcoming tactile ramp. My advice? Watch where you're going when you walk around town.-Wendy


pay attention: prestar atención
pass the exam: aprobar el examen
do your homework: hacer los deberes
meanwhile: mientras tanto
two seats away: a dos asientos de distancia
texting: mandar mensajes
failing the exam: suspender el examen
deserves to pass: merece aprobar
point of view: punto de vista
topic: tema
calm: tranquilo
shout out: gritar a voces
argue: discutir
wins: gana
challenges: desafios
let's take: tomemos
straight line: linea recta
route: ruta
managed to: lograr
sage advise: consejo sabio
sidewalk: acera
bumped into: chocar con
actually: realmente
someone else: alguien más, otro
two blocks away: a dos manzanas
curbs: bordillo
disabled: minusválidos
advice: consejo
tactile sidewalks: aceras con baldosas pododáctiles
tactile ramps: rampas con baldosas pododáctiles
walk around town: dar un paseo

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Comentarios (2)
Apolonia Novillo (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

I like to think (or I believe) that there are not wrong decisions or choices. Just we do what you have to do. We pass the fear of making a wrong choice at a particular moment. Life is challenging, and most of the time we have to take decisions with the available information that we have at that moment. We only can look to the future, and we can´t go back to the pass. I´m really grateful that I have had many choices. This is the most important aspect "we have opportunities", and different paths to follow.

Esther (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

Yes, making the right choices is important. Our peace of mind is on the line!

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