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Water drops: Gotas de lluvia

Wendy . Blog Shakespeare slept here! Publicado 23 Febrero 2010

It's raining. The raindrops fall into the pond or lake, puddle or pool. And in the same place drops of water pop up. Are these the same drops that fall?

Where do the droplets come from?

For non PhD's: There's a thin layer of air separating the drop from the water below. It's like an elastic sheet. The connection is pinched off and a smaller droplet is formed, again and again until the tiny droplet can be absorbed.

Once I was swimming and the rain was falling. The sunlight was coming in horizontally and the water drops were popping up all around me. It was quite an amazing sight! Wendy

Click here: Water Drop at 2000 Frames per Second

raindrops: gotas de lluvia

fall into: caer dentro de

pond: lago pequeño, charco

lake: lago

puddle: charco muy pequeño, como en la calle o en un camino

pool: piscina, charco de agua limpia

tiny droplet: gotita de agua

pop up: saltar para arriba

sight: vista

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Comentarios (4)
Mario (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

Nature is amazing...ain´t it?

EMiLiO (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

cool video, it reminded me of the PANG videogame http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFaD8gzZ1VE

Pablo M319 (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

Fantastic video, i recomended it

Alejandro Berto... (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

Very interesting video, you can see how the physics works and also enjoy the beautiful. I also recommend you, art with glass drops, that simulate raindrops

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