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Volcanic Ash falls on Iceland

Wendy . Blog Publicado 22 Abril 2010

A volcano erupted in Iceland and the ash cloud headed east. Chaos in the airports as European flights were canceled. Planes were grounded, leaving passengers stranded both here and abroad. Some of our near and dear had to find alternative means of transportation: a ferry out of Liverpool, a bus with 30 kids returning from a now-prolonged tour of Wales... And the stories started to circulate. We worried about Europe and flights and friends, but what about the Icelanders and their livestock. How did they handle the eruption and falling ash?

Could this be similar to what happened to the dinosaurs?

Ashes in Iceland from the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano.


ash: ceniza
headed: se dirijió
flights: vuelos
grounded: se quedaron en tierrra
stranded: atrapados/tirados
abroad: en el extranjero
our near and dear: amigos y familiares
means: medios
worried: nos preocupamos
livestock: ganado
handle: llevar/ (manejar)

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