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Teaching Teachers

Wendy . Blog Publicado 29 Junio 2012

Yes, teachers go to class too. In-house courses abound at UEM, especially during the summer. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

We have lectures and workshops on a variety of subjects, from “Risk Prevention” to “Emotional Intelligence.” We had an on-line course on the new Cambridge Touchstone Series and I’ve just come from a training session on preparing students for the Cambridge First Certificate. Teachers have to keep up to date on the latest methodology and computer programs as well as research in their fields.

- There are several options for UEM employees who want to improve their English. As you know, this is an international university, so everyone is expected to know or be studying another language and English is the choice for most. It’s available through on-line courses and classroom based courses. There are summer intensives as well as courses offered during the academic year.

- Would you register for a language course in the morning, at lunch time or after a long day of teaching if you already had a job? Of course you would. You’ve finished your degree and been out in the working world. You KNOW how important English is and you want more practice. Your big problem now is finding enough time to fit everything into your busy schedule. And you’ll want something that is interesting, challenging, and doesn’t put you to sleep!- My favorite classes are the Employee English classes. These are different from your typical in-company courses which might be heavy on theory and methodology, with a role-play thrown in for good measure. There’s a lot of conversation, debating and arguing going on in my “Employee English” classes and everyone has to be involved. We discuss a variety of topics, listen to TED TALKS which I highly recommend, and work on our presentation skills. Since the employees are all in different fields, the mini-classes are a lot of fun. As “practice makes perfect,” participants are asked to give mini-presentations with some regularity. Often the topics are assigned, but many times I simply say, “Teach us something interesting!” Or “You’re on!” And there you are in front of a group of peers. If you’re boring, your listeners will be bored, and there’s nothing worse than a classroom full of bored people.”

-We have had some great mini-lessons .A professor who’s an architect and also a painter taught us about perspective. Another architecture professor had us try voice control techniques. He should know, he’s also an opera singer. An engineer talked about robotics. Some described bike trips they’d taken around Spain and Bolivia. Others wanted to share their experiences about working or teaching in Africa and Latin America. A business professor explained about profit and loss, and how NOT to invest our money. Economics professors let us discover how influenced we are by publicity and how our decision process works. We heard about students who learned about bartering first hand. They traded one thing for another, and discovered that the value we place on goods is not numerical. We learned about history through photography, and the beauty of e-commerce. As electronic white boards have been installed in most classrooms, practical sessions on their use were vital. That inspired a couple of Computer engineering professors to train others in “Interwrite Workspace”. We clicked on this and clicked on that. It was a big help for those who were reticent and miss their traditional blackboards and chalk, white boards and markers. I’m one of them. The sports and physiotherapy professors told us about our muscles and joints. We learned about DNA and the heart from the bio-medicine researchers. The lesson on healthy teeth and fighting tooth decay was informative though the photos were a bit gruesome. The dental surgeon in the group recommended the whitening process. And his parting comments were “We all need brilliant smiles because they go hand in hand with brilliant minds

-And on that note, the Employee English course came to an end on a hot afternoon in June.

-Wendy June 2012


In house courses: formación interna

Abound: abundan

Keep up to date: estar al día

The latest: lo último
Improve: mejorar
Is expected to: se espera que
Fit into: caber
Challenging: desafiante
Be heavy on: cargado de
Thrown in: sumado, añadido
For good measure: porque sí
Arguing: debatir apasionadamente
Skills: competencias
Fields: campos
Peers: colegas
You’re boring: eres aburrido
Will be bored: estarán aburridos
Bike trips: excusiones en bicicleta
Share: compartir
Loss: pérdida
Bartering: hacer trueque
Trade: intercambiaban
Miss: echar de menos
Blackboard: pizarra
Gruesome: repugnante
Muscles: músculos
Joints: articulaciones
Heart: corazón
Tooth decay: deterioro dental
Surgeon: cirujano
Minds: mentes

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Comentarios (3)
Thomas Jones (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

The house courses at UEM for employees are very interesting. At the University everybody must speak English, so I need to improve my English and this classes are really practical and fun sessions.

Anonynous (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

English Lessons for Teachers at UEM are very enriching and valuable activities. We UEM teachers, not only learn Shakespeare language in a very nice and interesting way, with tons of practical exercises, training our writing, listening and speaking skills, but also we have the opportunity to get knowledge from teachers of other fields. This makes these lessons unique and really very interesting. I would like to congratulate all the UEM LAB teachers involved in these lessons for their effort and patience, and specially, for making these lessons so pleasant and enjoyable. Thank you very much gals and guys!

Gracia Morales (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

I highly recomend English Lessons for teachers at UEM. I had a very good time attending Wendy's classes and having the opportunity to meet people from other departments. Classes are really interesting and we also have fan as when we played roles for a special Thanksgiving meal.I really would like to meet you next year for the employees classes.Thank you all!

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