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Springtime at the UEM-Villaviciosa

Wendy . Blog Shakespeare slept here! Publicado 21 Abril 2010

It looks like winter is finally over. The flowers are blooming!

You would have thought that this was northern Europe a few short months ago. We had snow, and more snow and then even more snow. What a strange winter for central Spain!

Now it's a different story.

There are daffodils and tulips and pansies.

The rain comes and goes but the trees are blossoming and everything is green.

Have you noticed? Everyone is out, walking around, sitting on the steps and benches and the lawns.

Yes, spring has come to the UEM campus. Get outdoors and look around.

See that mallard in the lake? He's been a resident at the UEM Lake for several weeks now. I bet his wife and babies will be appearing soon.

Advice: Don't hurry. Don't worry: Don't forget to smell the flowers.

Have a happy Spring. --Wendy


looks like: parece
is over: ha acabado
blooming: floreciendo
daffodils: narcisos
tulips: tulipanes
pansies: pensamientos
blossoming: floreciendo
benches: bancos (para sentarse)
lawns: céspedes
spring: la primavera
get outdoors: sal fuera
mallard: male wild duck(pato)
bet: apuesto que

Don't Hurry. Don't Worry.

Don't Forget to smell the flowers!

Happy Spring. Wendy

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EMiLiO (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

I'm so happy spring finally came... my blood is altered! :)

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