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Now though we say good-bye

Wendy . Blog Publicado 26 Abril 2015

Now though we say good-bye, I'll still be thinking of you and wondering what's going on at UEM. I won't know because I won't be there.

Have you finished your multimedia and attended all the classes? Are you getting everything done on time so you can relax? Do you plan to do volunteering? Are you practicing your English?

I'll also be wondering if you remember throwing water balloons and making paper airplanes. Remember participating in INSTANT THEATER or becoming a UNIVERSITY REPORTER with a microphone in hand against your better judgement? Did you make new friends at SPEED EXCHANGE? Did you learn that speaking English is not so scary and you really can make yourself understood if you try, try again?

Are you happy? Will you be graduating soon? Will you be selected for an Erasmus Exchange? Are you presenting your project this spring or getting your PhD? Have you learned to be a pastry chef or grown a giant pumpkin or become a dedicated volunteer_.Sorry, I won't be there to see those accomplishment and I won't know about them unless you tell me.

You see, I retired from the UEM. Somehow I got old while you all stayed young. I'm 65 now, though I can't quite believe it myself. Those of us who were born in 1950 never thought much beyond the year 2000 when we'd be 50 years old. Wow! That was 15 years ago! You've kept me going. You've kept me young.

18 1/2 years at UEM! Some of you hadn't even been born when I first saw the flags out front and drove onto campus. It seems like yesterday. You have the same bridge over the same lake and maybe even some of the same fish. However there were squash courts in the basement of Building A and language labs where each student had his/her own microphone and head set. Building C opened a few weeks later, but there was no sports center back in 1996, no pool, no track.Sports students had to go off campus for that. Building E hadn't even been considered. There were fewer degree programs, fewer students, fewer cars. The lower parking lot was just a field. Dozens of little rabbits lived there, and hid from us when we played baseball there in the spring.

None of us had a cell phone nor an email address. Everyone spoke Spanish.

Now we hear dozens of languages around campus and the flags of many more nations welcome you as you drive in the gate.

I hope you enjoy your time at UEM. I certainly did.
Keep in touch. I'll continue writing on www.uem.es/shakespeare as long as you read it and leave me comments. As long as you want, I'll be there.


wondering: preguntarse
attended: asististe
get done : terminar
pumpkin: calabaza
accomplishments: logros
bridge: puente
courts: pista de squash/tennis/basketball
basement: sotano
rabbits: conejos
hid: (hide-hid-hidden) esconder
gate: puerta de entrada/jardín/embarque
keep in touch: mantener el contacto
as long as: siempre que

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Raúl Delgado (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

Wendy Thank you for your mood and for all the English You´ve made me learn. It has been a pleasure all this time We have shared, here, workint at UEM. Most of us will remind you as one of the best English teachers here. Bye and enjoy your retirement time

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