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Mock election at UEM

Wendy . Blog Publicado 06 Noviembre 2012

Polls have closed at UEM and the votes have been tallied. In a mock election organized by the Language Center, incumbent Barrack Obama, the Democratic Party candidate, won an overwhelming majority of votes cast (66%). The Republican Party candidate, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, received a paltry12% of the votes cast. Rounding out the candidate field were Jill Stein of the Green Party with 7%, comedic actress Roseanne Barr of the Peace and Freedom Party with 6%, Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson with 4% and Thomas Hoefling, of the American Independent Party, with 2%. 3% of the votes cast were declared invalid, including one for former California governor Arnold "Terminator" Schwarzenegger, who, although a naturalized citizen, is not eligible to be President on account of his not having been born in the United States.

. - Dr. Philip Henry Sheehan


polls: los colegios electorales
tallied/counted: contado
mock: sumulacro
incumbent: el actual
overwhelming: aplastante
cast: ejercer el voto
former: antiguo
paltry: insignificante
rounding out: redondeando
field: espectro
peace and freedom: paz y libertad
citizen: ciudadano
on account of: debido a
not having been born: no haber nacido

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Comentarios (4)
Esther (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

Mock elections are fun! And they are less depressing than having to choose between the bozos running for president for real... Just kidding everyone, I think it's really important to vote!! ;)

MjMolina (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

Ohhhh interesting initiative!!! In a mock election organized by the Language Center, I consider that the result will be similar to real result. Soon, we will know who won election 2012: Obama or Romney??? Any result will be outstanding for international society. Good luck!!!

Philip (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

Yes, it seems the final results of the election were quite similar to the results in our mock election at UEM. Maybe we should start an opinion polling service (servicio de encuesta de opinión) at our university!!

MATILDE CORTES SANZ (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

An interesting initiative. I trusted the reelection of Obama as U.S. President. I hope he succeeds with health reform. It's a great project that would solve the health status million citizens.

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