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The maverick: A flying car

Wendy . Blog Publicado 12 Enero 2011

The maverick is both a car and a plane. It has completed a long test drive in the US and has also been issued its S-LSA aircraft airworthiness certificate. It steers like a car when it's in the air and anyone who can drive an automatic, can fly this plane.

The propellor keeps it going in the air. The trans-axle drive keeps it operating everywhere else. The Maverick can take off and land practically anywhere: on land, on the water, on ice and snow. It goes 40 miles an hour in the air and avoids traffic jams.

Uses for this vehicle? You name it. Surveillance after natural disasters, border patrol, pipe line checks. Developed for humanitarian purposes, the Maverick can be used for search and rescue, to get medical attention to remote areas.


The prototype has been taken on its test run. And the Maverick is now in production at EAA Oshkosh and is expected to be out on the commercial market in 2011. As more and more are made, the production costs will diminish. The Maverick will be inexpensive and utilitarian. Hopefully it will soon be available for the humanitarian missions for which it was conceived.



Airworthiness: navegabilidad
steers: pilota, maneja
keeps: mantiene
surveillance: vigilancia
border: frontera
search and rescue: busqueda y rescate
take off and land: despegar y aterrizar
avoids: evita
traffic jams: atasco, embotellamiento
expected to be out: se espera que este a la venta
available: disponible
conceived: concebido

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