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The lost sock: a mystery

Wendy . Blog Publicado 27 Enero 2010

You do a load of wash. The clothes go in and the clothes come out. Everything's nice and clean. You take the shirts, shake out as many wrinkles as you you can, and throw them in the dryer. You grab the socks and underwear and toss them in too. Then you're off to attend to other demands. A few minutes later you're back again. You don't want a pile of ironing, so you take out the damp shirts and hang them up. No mystery there. Your mother taught you well. A few more minutes for the rest of the load while you start in on another project. Finally the dryer calls you to attention. Time to pull everything out, fold the clothes, and forget about the wash for another week. Great! But wait, oh no. You match up all the socks but there's only one bright green sock. Where's the other one? Oh, not again! There's always one extra, and one missing sock. It never fails. You were paying attention. You picked up all the clothes on your floor and under your bed. Oh, no time now. You set the "extra" sock aside and the days and weeks go by. Sometimes it's a black or brown or blue sock, a serious executive sock with no personality of its own. Sometimes it's a fuzzy sock or a bright red sock that Santa brought, or one of your daughter's favorite princess socks. If the one gone missing is a Spiderman sock you may have a real problem. "Where are my Little Einstein socks? whines little Alex. "Where are my basketball socks? shouts José. Socks just seem to disappear, don't they? Maybe they escape for days or weeks or even years. You checked everywhere, but refuse to give up. You put the lone socks away just in case their mates turn up. And one day, lo and behold, you find Spiderman inside the sleeve of a sweater, a boring black sock in a pajama leg, a tiny pink sock in the doll house being used as a sleeping bag. And then, years hence, you find the hiding places: down between the cushions on the old sofa, under the bottom drawer in the back of the closet, inside a toy car. And you laugh. There are so many imaginative places for socks to hide. You'd be celebrating your minor victory but.......you threw out all the odd socks, just yesterday.


VOCABULARY including lots of PHRASAL VERBS !

load of wash: tanda de ropa
clothes: ropa
shake out: sacudir
wrinkles: arrugas
dryer: secadora
grab: agarrar
underwear:ropa interior
toss:tirar suavemente
pile of ironing: montón de ropa para planchar
hang them up: colgarlos
taught:(pasado de "teach") enseñó
pull out: tirar hacia tí, sacar
fold: doblar ropa,telas, papel
match up: emparejar
missing: que falta
fails: falla, (suspende)
pick up: levantar, recoger
set aside: apartar
go by: pasar
fuzzy: de peluza
whines: lloriquea
give up: rendirse
lone: solitario
put away: guardar, poner en su sitio
mates: parejas
turn up: aparecen
lo and behold: anda ya, mira por donde
sleeve: manga
tiny: muy pequeño
doll: muñeca
sleeping bag: saco de dormir
hence: after, later
hiding place: escondite
cushions: cojines
bottom drawer: cajón de abajo
closet: armario
toy: juguete
threw out: tirar a la basura
odd: impares

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Comentarios (3)
Mario (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

A real mystery...an X-file indeed :)

EMiLiO (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

When I lived with my parents I used to blame it on my mom... then living by myself... it continued to happen from time to time... and now I can't blame it on anybody! ha ha

Anónimo (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

Ohhhh! I couln't stand what happens with socks. You get into the washing machine two socks and leaves only one. It was a mystery. One day, I turned on the washing machine and waited for it to finish. When It finished, two socks were gone. A plumber told me that the explanation is that, sometimes, socks are introduced into the pipes of the washing machine and go directly to the drain. So the mystery is solved.

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