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Learning English and Paper Airplanes

Wendy . Blog Publicado 29 Abril 2011

Learning English can be fun!
Wait a minute. Learning English = Fun? That's not the usual equation.
Studying a language is supposed to be hard work. It is.
It takes a lot of time and effort. You start and stop. You drop out. You struggle for years and never get very far. You put it off. You'll start next month or in the summer or next year. And then you realize you are NOT really trying, and the years are going by. You make a lot of excuses:"The teacher is boring." "The material is too complicated." "I don't understand anything." "I can't stand to see those fill-in-the-blank exercises." "I can't see the blackboard" "I can't hear the CD."

OK. That was in the past. It's behind you now. It's time to take this challenge seriously.Just change your chip: You CAN do it. You CAN learn a new language. You CAN, you can, you CAN! And you're not alone. There are a lot of people around to help you.

You can watch DVDs in English. You can learn songs in English. You can travel to places where you have to speak English. "But....but....but...I don't understand anything."

Exactly. That's why Blended Learning was invented. It is the solution for the 21st century. You can listen to the multimedia again and again. You use a corresponding textbook with the ANSWERS IN THE BACK so you can correct yourself. And you have small-group classes to review what you've been studying. Yes, STUDYING. You DO have to make a bit of an effort.

"I'm busy," --Yes, but you can schedule your own classes. You just have to plan ahead a bit...."I'm bored. Where's the fun?" --The complementary classes are fun. And the more, the better. You participate. You do role play. You meet new people and make new friends. You learn about your field of study. You'll gain confidence. You'll have fun. For example: Imagine making paper airplanes at the university, in a class. Absurd? No, it's not.
You'd learn a lot of good vocabulary and expressions: "fold"= doblar, "crease"= doblar y apretarlo bien, fijar la raya, "bend" doblar el codo o rodilla, "turn"= girar, "turn over"=dar la vuelta, "tear off"= rasgar", upper"=la de arriba, edge=bordillo, "wing"= ala, "tail"= cola, and perfect your pronunciation: angle, triangle, rectangle, square, etc.

And you'd teach others how to make a paper airplane in English."Take the upper right-hand corner of your paper and......and fold...." You'd do a couple of role plays. And of course you'd throw your airplanes and possibly win a prize! Yep. Learning English can be fun!


supposed to be: debe ser
drop out: dejarlo, rendirse
struggle: luchar
get very far: llegar lejos
challenge: desafio
to schedule: fijar horario
role play: jugo de rol, tomar personaje
field: campo

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Pedro (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

I suppose this is going to be our next class activity. ¿Do we have to bring tools?

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