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Don't Play with Fire!

Wendy . Blog Publicado 24 Junio 2010

Summer has come and everything is dry.People are heading for the countryside and forests,for day-long picnics and camping trips. Smokers carelessly flick their cigarettes off the trail. Campers leave their barbecues unattended or don't put out their campfires completely. Be careful! You don't want tobe responsible for starting a fire.

As children in the US we were taught to be careful with matches and to watch out for forest fires. Adults didn’t need to tell us because Smokey the Bear did the job for them. He was and still is the national symbol for fire prevention. Smokey is a brown bear in blue jeans who wears a ranger’s hat and carries a shovel. He reminds us to watch out for forest fires. One time we were traveling through a forested area in California. We pulled off the road in a small clearing by a lake. As we approached the water we saw a campfire pit. The fire had been put out recently, but the wood in the pit was still smoldering. When we went to get water we noticed smoke coming up out of the ground in several places. The fire was spreading under the fallen pine needles, but hadn’t yet flamed. This was before cell phones so we got water from the lake, stomped out what we could, and quickly drove back to the nearest town to call the Forest Service fire department. We saved the forest!


At home, we need to be careful too. Kitchen fires flare up in a moment. What should you do when your frying pan turns into a blaze? Watch the video about kitchen fires. Then go back and look at the vocabulary and script below. <?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" /><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Video Transcription---"Kitchen Oil Fire"
"If your chip pan catches fire DON'T PANIC. Just follow these instructions:
1. Turn off the heat. 2. Run a cloth under a tap and ring it out
3. Cover the pan and then wait until it's cooled right down.
Don't try to move the pan. And whatever you do, don't throw water over the fire. The effects can be devastating."

Vocabulary from the Text:

Don't play with fire-------------------No juegues con el fuego.
Heading for-----------------------------Dirigiendose a
Countryside-----------------------------el campo
Flick--------------------------------------tirar rápid y sin pensar
Put out-----------------------------------apagar un cigarro/fuego/cerrilla
To be careful with----------------------tener cuidado con
Watch out for----------------------------tener cuidado con/estar pendiente de
Blue jeans--------------------------------vaqueros
Wears-------------------------------------llevar puesto
Pulled off---------------------------------salir de la carretera/apartarse de
Clearing-----------------------------------un espacio abierto en el bosque
Fire pit-------------------------------------hoyo para un fuego controlado en el campo
Smoldering-------------------------------ardiendo lentamente
Fallen pine needles----------------------hojas caídos de pino
Flamed------------------------------------hacer llamarada
Stomped out------------------------------pisoteado
Flare up------------------------------------hacer llamarada
Frying pan---------------------------------sartén
Turn into-----------------------------------llegar a ser/reformarse/volver
A blaze-------------------------------------una llamarada

Vocabulary from the Video Transcription:

Chip-----------------------------------------patatas fritas(British)
Run a cloth----------------------------------pasar un trapo
The Tap--------------------------------------el grifo
Ring it out-----------------------------------escurrirlo

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EMiLiO (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

I thought that water could be thrown over a fire in order to extinguish it... now I know it's the last thing I gotta do. Poor girl at the end of the video...

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