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Do you have a "green thumb"? Giant pumpkins from...

Wendy . Blog Publicado 27 Julio 2010

Can you take a seed and make it grow?

"Giant pumpkins--from little pumpkin seeds grow!"

Have you ever heard the expression: 'Mighty oaks from little acorns grow'? -Geoffrey Chaucer-1374

Over 150 members of the UEM community planted pumpkin seeds this spring. Some have been very successful. Others have not. When someone is a good gardener we say that he has a "green thumb". Gardening, like everything else in life, is a learning experience.

Some of our participants have watched their seeds grow into little plants, and some of those plants now have flowers and little pumpkins. How exciting!

Antonio Huete, who works for Dima at the UEM, definitely has "a green thumb". Look at the size of those leaves! And this little plant was once a miniature pumpkin seed. I'm still hoping for a flower....and some beautiful miniature pumpkin.

UEM Farmers! Remember to water and fertilize your plants ! Impress your friends and neighbors!

And don't forget about the GIANT & Miniature PUMPKIN CONTEST. It's the last week of October, just in time for Halloween.


green thumb: pulgar verde/ tener mano para las plantas
pumpkin: calabaza
seed: semilla
grow: crecer
mighty: big and strong
oak: roble
acorn: bellota

spring: primavera
successful: tener éxito
gardener: jardinero
everything else: todo lo demás
take care of: cuidar

Have a happy summer! And take care of your plants!


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