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In the desert and on the computer screen!

Wendy . Blog Publicado 03 Febrero 2009

Last summer I went to Tucson, Arizona for a week. This is a desert area near the Mexican border. It was very hot during the day, so we went out walking a lot in the evening. There were a lot of beautiful cactus, but not many living creatures. We did see rabbits and quail and lizards and heard that there were snakes about. Eiuuuu! That worried us. Then….walking back towards our room...Oh....watch out! We saw not 1 but 2 tarantulas about 2 meters from our front door! It was dusk and these 2 were checking each other out! O.K. Keep calm! We are the intruders.
Border: division between countries; "frontera"
Rabbits: rodents with long ears. Bugs bunny is a famous rabbit; “conejos”
Quail: a bird that runs on the ground, usually with others; “cordoniz”
Lizards: similar to a small crocodile; "lagartos"
snakes: long thin serpent; "serpientes"
Watch out : be careful; “ojo! Ten cuidado!”
Tarantula: large, hairy creature similar to a spider; “tarantula
Dusk: evening and almost dark; “anochecer”
Check X out: look at someone/something with interest; fijarse en algo/alguien”
keep calm: don't get nervous; "tranquilízate"
intruders: people that interrupt you or invade your space; "intrusos"

Here is A GAME for you. There is a big spider/tarantula walking around Europe. You can drag it out of your country with your mouse. If you hit your space bar you can put little flies on the map. The spider will eat them, with or without your help! Oh, I love computer technology!
Drag: pull something ; “arrastrar”
Mouse: instrument used to activate things on your computer screen; “ratón”
Hit: touch with force; “tocar con gana; pegar”
Spacebar: long key on the bottom of the keyboard of a computer; “barra; tecla”
Flies: common insects which come out in the summer; moscas
screen: the rectangular object you are looking at right now!

Oh, there's a big spider is on MY computer screen! Click on "a big spider"

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