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Cramming for exams: A really bad idea

Wendy . Blog Publicado 07 Junio 2013

..Well, it's finally June. Time to take those last exams and finish those final projects.

You've kept up with your work, done all your reading, and completed all the assignments. You've finished your on-line course work and turned in everything the professors have asked for. You never missed a class and you actually enjoyed having a chance to talk to your professors about your classwork or homework during their office hours or after class. Your parents are proud of you. You have good study habits...

. No, no... Wait a minute. That's not you. That's your friend I've been talking about. You're the one who hasn't figured out that a trimester system means you have to study continuously. You have to keep up a good pace or you'll fall so far behind so fast that you can't catch up. Playing all year and cramming for finals in May or June is a thing of the past. You have to make a concerted effort every trimester. And then you'll be free, really free all summer.

There are lots of places to study. Have you discovered the study hall in the Language Center? What about the library and the big study hall in Building A? Personally I like those white benches by the pine trees between Buildings B and C and the artsy wooden benches that are strategically placed for people on the move who have a few minutes to sit down for a chat or to read. This week I see a lot of you out on the lawns. I used to love sitting out on the lawn on campus when I was a student. It was so nice to get outdoors. Every day or two I'd shift to a different place: a quiet eucalypus grove, a sunny picnic table, a café, a grassy hillside. I remember studying but I also remember the places I chose to study in. Different places. Different moments.

You've had fun, that's for sure. Your mother and father ask, "When are you going to settle down and study." And you answer, "I'm young. I have to have fun while I can. EVERYBODY is going to Cancun or Rivera Maya or home with a classmate who's from Cádiz or Tenerife or Mallorca. I want to go too." You, yes, you have had a really good time this trimester. You just couldn't stand to miss those last days on the ski slopes, and the Feria de Abril, and those 3 great concerts, and the "botellones" on the beach during those two long weekends which really weren't long weekends but you took them anyway. And now, NOW you suffer the consequences. While you were off playing, many of your classmates were hard at work. And now they're finishing up, and you're...you're just getting started.



kept up with your work: to keep up: mantenerse al día
assignments: tareas, trabajos, deberes
turn in: entregar
miss a class: faltar a una clase
have a chance: tener la oportunidad
office hours: tutorías
parents: padres
proud of: orgulloso de
figure out: resolver/ darse cuenta
keep up a good pace:mantener un buen ritmo
fall so far behind: quedar atrasado
catch up: ponerse al día
cramming: estudiar mucho, empollar
free: libre / gratis
benches: bancos
wooden: de madera
chat: una charla
lawn: cesped, hierba
get outdoors: salir fuera
shift: cambiar
grove: grupo de arboles
grassy hillside: colina
settle down and study : poner las pilas / tranquilizarse y estudiar
classmate:compañero de clase
have had a really good time: lo has pasado muy bien
couldn't stand it to miss: No podías aguantar perder
ski slopes: pistas de ski
hanging out and drinking with friends in a public place.

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Comentarios (4)
Ana.B2.T52 (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

It'S true that with the change of semesters to quarters I and many students have had to change the way we organize ourselves and our "working speed" has been faster, much more accelerated and concentrated than before. But it is always better to take all your work made a day to enjoy the holidays SOON!

Rafael Ferruz O... (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

You're right, there are always two faces of a coin. I mean, there will be someone who doesn't enjoy the academic course due to studying, and he/she enjoys summer. But I must admit that I think everyone should combine free time with study time. The fact is that all of us starts the trimester with the intention of studying every day, with plannings and all that stuff... But it isn't so easy. Adults watch us and say "At your age I only had my head for study" OK. That`s you, not me. I enjoy being with my friends, having a cofee, hanging out, playing games, reading, etc.. theres so much to do and not enough time, cause Bolonia's planning made us to be the whole week hardworking, and what's left for the weekend? Rest, cause if u go out in the night, you won`t be on your best to face another week. So as tons of students say "Let us live our live as we want and go check your stuff"

Jesús Fernández... (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

I agree with you there is the most usual habbit of students. They are unaware this is very bad for them. If they only study tthe previous hours before an exam it is probably that they will suspend the exam, but anyway it is 100 % accurate that they will forget all things about this subject a few hours after the exam

Roger Ricomà B2.T52 (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

In my opinion triemsters are better than semesters because inspite of having a lot of content in only three months in christmas and semana santa you can enjoy a little holidays. Now , I'm finishing my first yaer of sports management and as I has done all the course I am strainning a lot in order to get the best marks as possible I can get.

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