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Corporate Housing: Rental Apartments for business travelers

Wendy . Blog Publicado 30 Marzo 2009

The corporate world is in crisis. Conference calls and sandwich lunches in the board room may soon be replacing business travel. Currently the jet setting, luxury hotels and 4-course meals abroad are too extravagant for many expense accounts. Traveling businessmen and women may soon find themselves without the customary perks: the spa package that comes with 5 star hotel accommodations, the wining and dining in some of the world’s most elegant restaurants. An executive may even find that the per diem is reduced and frequent flier points must be used for business travel rather than being saved for family vacations. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Many companies seem to be opting for the smaller boutique hotels or even a corporate apartment. “We need 2 people in Lisbon for 3 months. Put them up in the corporate flat.” “4 members of the team will be in and out of Madrid several times over the next 3 weeks. They can stay at the flat.” The company has a home-away-from-home base for its traveling team. They can even leave some clothes and equipment there. Computers, printers, fax machines: everything is set up for the business traveler. Foreign travel, YES. Extravagant expenses, NO.

Board room: executive meeting room; sala de conferences para la dirección
Currently: at present, now; actualmente
Jet setting: traveling by plane frequently; viajar en avión sin pensar en el coste.
Perks: extras, benefits; extras
Wining and dining: to wine and dine someone: being taken out to elegant meals; ser invitado a comidas y cenas de lujo
Per diem; daily stipend for expenses; dieta; dinero para gastos
Opting: choosing; eligiendo
boutique hotels: small independent hotels; hoteles con caracter
put them up: house them, accommodate them; hospedar
team: group who work together; equipo
foreign: from a different country; extranjero

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