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Complementary Classes. YES!

Wendy . Blog Publicado 18 Febrero 2011

Complementary Classes. What a great opportunity to practice your English!

Choose a topic in your field or any other that you might enjoy. Spend an hour discussing global warming in "The Kyoto Protocol" or learn verbs such as bend, stretch, twist in "Aerobics". You might increase your vocabulary by attending "Economics" or "Marketing" or "Modern Architecture".

Many of you need to gain confidence in your speaking ability. We have role-play in almost all the classes. Maybe you'd like to practice law for a few minutes. You're the lawyer and your partner is the witness to a "Hit and Run Accident". You could try "First Aid", or "Physiotheraphy", or "Nursing". Everyone needs to know something about basic health care. Today I visited a class full of engineering students learning "The language of Physics". And another mixed group discussing "Professions in Mass Media". Do you like "Basketball" or "Volleyball"? You don't need to be in the Sports program to attend our classes. You might even decide to play softball with us in "Baseball by the Lake" this spring. Yes, that's a complementary class too. We have basic conversation classes called "Chats" at every level as well as "Hit Parade" and "Film Club". You're just starting English. Try "University Survival". You want to compare your ability to students in other countries. Go to "European Framework." I liked "PR: Crisis Management". And we could all use the advice in "Stress" and "Sleep". I think "Film Making" and "Freedom of the Press" would be of interest to just about anybody.

I'm lucky. I get to observe classes and talk to the teachers and students about what's going on in the classroom. The times are changing. Students are no longer silent observers, but rather active participants. The more you come to class, the more you'll learn. As the saying goes, 'Practice Makes Perfect'.



choose: elegir
topic: tema
field: ámbito de estudio, campo
discussing: hablar de
global warming: calentamiento global
bend: doblarse
stretch: estirarse
twist: girarse
attending: asistiendo * assist: atender!
law: derecho
witness: testigo
first aid: primeros auxilios
nursing: enfermería
health care: cuidado médicos
engineering: ingeneria
even: incluso
as well as: al igual que, como también
framework: marco
management: manejo, control de
advice: consejo
freedom: libertad
press: prensa
I'm lucky: tengo suerte, soy afortunada
get to: tener la oportunidad
what's going on: lo que sucede
no longer: ya no
but rather: si no, más bien

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Vicky Bamond (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

Sounds like fun. Although since it's Monday morning, the most attractive-sounding one to me right now is "Sleep"!!!

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