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Comparte Coche = Car pooling

Wendy . Blog Publicado 15 Octubre 2012

Those of you who have a short commute don't need to read this.
You've got it made. A few blocks and you're at work or school. However
many of you may have a long commute. You sit in traffic and get frustrated.
You know that a lot of others are feeling the same way, sitting alone in their cars and waiting it out. You wish you could be in a FAST TRACK lane, a 3-in-a-car lane, a car share lane. Sometimes you take the bus, but you'd rather take your car or ride in someone else's. The solution: commuting with others.

You know that thousands of people come to UEM every day. Many of them may live near you. It's time to start doubling, tripling, cuadrupling up in cars and saving on gas! You could even declare your car an "English only commuter" and practice your English while you're on the road.


For more information try the webpage: www.uem.amovens.com

or contact Carlos Velarde Correia:

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