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Colorín, colorado.. That's all folks...

Wendy . Blog Publicado 01 Agosto 2015

Colorín, colorado, Este año académico se ha acabado.

One more academic year has finished; 2014-2015 is a thing of the past.

And now....vacation! It's time to play.
You've taken your last exam, turned in your project, finished everything albeit at the last moment. It's August, finally!

You may have graduated and have a job lined up for the fall. Fantastic.
You may have completed your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th year.
You may be getting ready to go on an Erasmus exchange.
You may have finished your masters or your Phd.

Many of you have been busy doing on-line work.
And your professors? They'll finally get a break too. They've been writing articles, correcting all your work, preparing papers for professional conferences.

And the administrative staff have now finished up the academic year. They need some time off too before they head into 2015-2016.

Now you can all relax, turn it all off, concentrate on other things, do other activities, visit far off places. And while you're doing that, practice your English! Please !!!!

Have a great vacation.


"colorín, colorado" este ... : That's all folks! And that's the end of the academic year
albeit / even though/ although : sin embargo
have a job lined up: tiene un trabajo ya concedido
Phd: doctorado
get a break: tener un descanso
time off: tiempo libre de trabajar o estudiar
head into: meterse en
to turn it all off: apagarlo todo
far off: lejano

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