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Change of pace

Wendy . Blog Publicado 09 Julio 2012

It's July. The weather's great. We're in Spain! What more could you ask for? Most Europeans would love to be in your shoes: taking walks along the boulevards, stopping at an outdoor café, sipping "tinto de verano" and talking for hours with family and friends.

Summer means a change of pace, a break in the routine. Leave your work behind, if only for a few hours every afternoon. Take a siesta! Go to a fiesta. Party till dawn.

Is that what you're doing? One night you're at a disco with your friends "dándolo todo" and the next night you're "armándola" at a concert. Dancing and jumping around is good for you. And it makes you happy. Then off you go to visit the relatives and before you know it you're doing a "paso doble" or "sevillanas" with the whole town around you. Everyone is having a ball and no one cares if you're out of step. "Ay, estos jóvenes". Well, some notice but YOU don't care. At least you're trying, and no doubt making someone else, your grandfather perhaps, really happy unless you step on his toes. You've finally gotten away from it all. You studied hard or worked hard all year, and now it's time to play. Get out and see the world, or just go to the pool, swim and read and relax and let your thoughts wander.

Ah, how marvellous! Time to yourself ! I haven't had that all year!

No, no, no......


If you're a student you may still be at it, cramming for your make up exams.

This is your 2nd and last chance to learn what you had all year to learn. You didn't plan very well and now you're stuck. You're making a big effort, a really, really big effort I hope. You'll pass everything and then...............you're free!

Did you learn your lesson? Are you going to start out right next year?

Of course you are. You know the ropes now. You know that you have to start early and get things done. Leaving it to the end is a really bad idea. It's your time. It's your life.

Hope you practice your English this summer. Then in September come to some of my ENGLISH IN ACTION classes. They're fun and you can get started on your English right away. Try SPEED EXCHANGE, UNIVERSITY REPORTERS and WATER BALLOONS EVERYWHERE, all offered in September.



change of pace: cambio de ritmo
love to be in your shoes: les encantarìa estar en tu lugar
sipping: sorbiendo

"tinto de verano": a wine spritzer
means: significa
change of pace: cambio de ritmo
a break: un descanso, un cambio
till dawn: hasta amanecer

"dándola todo"="armándola": dancing and jumping around with your friends
off you go: te vas
having a ball: pasándolo bomba
no one cares: a nadie le importa
out of step: fuera de ritmo

"Ay, estos jóvenes": Oh, these kids!
no doubt: sin duda
step on their toes: pisarle el pie a otro (los dedos del pie)
wander: vagar sin rumbo
still be at it: estar en ello
cramming: empollando, estudiando a lo bestia
last chance: última oportunidad
you're stuck: estás atrapado
you'll pass: aprobarás
know the ropes: saber como se hace

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Comentarios (3)
Mario (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

I know what I´m going to do...start studying for next course!

SimonaB1 (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

Summer is a great time that you are make everything you like. It is the time to see again family, friends and do things together.

valeriaB1 (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

I like the summer because I have finished studying and I can go to Italy ,I go to the beach and being with my family and my grandparents. It's better study hard during the year and then you can relax a little more

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