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A challenge: Write a love letter!

Wendy . Blog Publicado 11 Febrero 2011

The instructions were : Be imaginative! Be creative! Be nice!

Communicate your feelings! Think about a special friend, a family member, a pet, a colleague, a classmate,a teacher, a neighbor.... someone who has meant a lot to you or will in the future! Dare to let your feelings show.

Point out your "love letter" to us, and we'll give you a red sucker, a lollipop!

The first 10 people to identify the man by the UEM sign, will be given a lollipop too!

Come to the UEM LAB! Read the LOVE LETTERS! Maybe there is one for YOU!



pet: animal domestico

dare: atrévete

sucker/lollipop: caramelo con palo

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