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BIG BOOK SALE-Mercadillo del libro

Wendy . Blog Publicado 13 Noviembre 2012

THE UEM BOOK EXCHANGE & SALE is a 2-day event sponsored by the LANGUAGE CENTER. It's a second-hand book sale which takes place in the fall and again in the spring of each academic year. This is our 15th BOOK EXCHANGE & SALE !

Almost our entire staff participates in organizing and selling the books but we still need more help. This year 4 ERASMUS exchange students donated their time and effort to help make this a successful event: Denisa Dugaiasu from Rumania and Whitney Otchene, Arrees Minott and Obianuju Eneh from England volunteered to help us at this LANGUAGE CENTER event .

We're often asked where all the books come from. Well, they are generously donated by staff, students, and many friends in the international community. You can donate books too. Just bring them to the LANGAUGE CENTER and leave a note with your name and email address.

We're also asked why we have the BOOK EXCHANGE & SALE. Our goal is to encourage reading, create an atmosphere conducive to conversing in English and earn money to contribute to an NGO. This year we've chosen AVINTE: Asociación de Voluntarios para la integración

This volunteer organization dedicates time and energy to helping young people with cerebral palsy.

That sounds like a really good cause, doesn't it?

As AVINTE says on its webpage:

Muchas son las cualidades que un voluntario puede tener: empatía, solidaridad, ganas de ayudar o respeto por la igualdad de todos.



sponsored by: patrocinado

takes place: toma luga

successful: con éxito

volunteer: hacerse voluntario

leave a note: dejar una nota

encourage: animar

conducive to: propicio para

earn: ganar (por trabajar)

sounds like: parece

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