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802 - Thanks to you !

Wendy . Blog Shakespeare slept here! Publicado 15 Noviembre 2013

802: What am I talking about?

The 17th BOOK EXCHANGE & SALE brought in 802 € thanks to you:

YOU who contributed books, helped with the publicity, got the word out about the sale, brought down the tables, carried up all those boxes of books, set up the stands, organized everything, volunteered to sell, helped with recycling and of course to all of you who bought hundreds of books ! Hope to see you at our 18th BOOK EXCHANGE & SALE next spring.

A special thanks to the NURSING DEPARTMENT for joining us in this endeavour. You were all just great.



exchange & sale: Intercambio y venta
brought in: recaudado
get the word out: informar- boca a boca
bring down: bajar
carry up: cargar, llevar arriba
set up: montar
join: participar, hacerse miembro del grupo
endeavour: esfuerzo

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Comentarios (3)
Jesus Santiago ... (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

Actually it was a very enjoyable activity. It is necessary to promote such sales or exchanges of books. I think it was very interesting. You have to start reading and promoting reading. I hope next year has become perform!!!

Felipe Hoyo Est... (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

I wish to attend this year, I think have you done a great job. I hope to attend the next edition and to lend my support. A greeting.

Héctor B1-M42 (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:29 pm Responder

Good job for all the people who contributed, you did a really good job. I went there to buy some books, finally I only have bought one book but the person who attend me was very friendly. I hope next year the work of this BOOK EXCHANGE & SALE will be the same. Thanks for all!!

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