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The flight

Esther Morales Profesora inglés Language Center Blog Love for words Publicado 29 Julio 2015

Our holidays are almost here and we are going to make the most of them: we are going to relax and rest up before getting back to our normal routine, we are going to see all the tourist spots, hopefully get a bit of a tan and (1) have lovely sleep-ins in the mornings. It's going (2) to be a blast!

But, (3) there is a catch. If you are flying, you may need to endure a few nuisances before reaching your destintion and being able to unwind.

One of the nuisances you may enounter on your flight could be that your find yourself sitting among a group of (4) spoiled kids that are not really interested in eating their food but rather in (5) flinging it around all over the place.

Or you could be (6) pinned up against the window if the person next to you (7) is a bit on the large side.
There is more suffering (8) still in store for you if you are seated next to a person who has (9) a bad case of BO.

If you love peace and quiet, having someone with you who won't stop (10) blabbering on and on can prove to be quite (11) draining.

Other than that, because airline companies really (12) strip down the service to the bare minimum you risk going hungry if you do not being your own snacks or are not willing to pay for the exhorbitant prices they charge you for food on (13) no-frill flights.

I can imagine you guys literally (14) bolting for the exit door!

A word of caution for those who are driving to their destination. Beware of using your GPS! A Satellite Navigator is a very useful tool but one needs to be (15) discerning when using it. Don't let its instructions (16) override your common sense. A fool with a tool is still a fool.


(1) have lovely sleep-ins = quedarse descansando en la cama despierto

(2) to be a blast = ser muy divertido

(3) there is a catch = hay una trampa

(4) spoiled kids = niños malcriados

(5) fling = lanzar

(6) be pinned up against a wall = estar apretujado contra la ventana

(7) a bit on the large side = ser grandote

(8) still in store = cosas por llegar

(9) a bad case of B.O. = B.O. (=body odour) = un caso de mal olor corporal

(10) blab on and on = no parar de parlotear

(11) draining = agotador

(12) strip down = recortar, abaratar costes

(13) no-frills flight = vuelo sin extras, sin lujos

(14) to bolt = ir a toda velocidad

(15) be discerning = tener buen juicio

(16) override = prevalecer

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