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Esther Morales Profesora inglés Language Center Blog Love for words Publicado 14 Septiembre 2015

The summer is fast coming to an end and the new academic year is here already. Good news, bad news? Well, it depends on how you look at it. Remember that, as we say in English, (1) every cloud has a silver lining.

You might feel a bit stressed by the prospect of (2) juggling all of your responsibilities: classes, homework, exams, your part-time job... and still feeling strong enough to enjoy your free time.

Academic pressure is here again indeed, but let's focus on the positive as well. Now that you are back in Madrid you can (3) go pub-crawling in all the trendy places with your college friends and (4) paint the town red. If (5) booze is not your thing, you can still (6) have a ball going for soft drinks, dancing and (7) grooving to the music.

In any case, be careful when (8) hanging out with your friends, you might end up too (9) shattered and not being able to function at school the following day!

Something that will help you tremendously is (9) beefing up your physical exercise regime, your brain will be more efficient and you will feel fitter and happier overall.


(1) every cloud has a silver lining = todo tiene su parte positiva; no hay mal que por bien no venga. (literalmente: toda nube tiene su forro plateado)

(2) juggling = hacer malabares

(3) go pub-crawling = ir de bares

(4) paint the town red = salir de marcha

(5) booze = alcohol

(6) have a ball = pasarlo bien

(7) groove to the music = vivir la música

(8) hanging out with your friends = salir con los amigos

(9) shattered = destrozado, muy cansado

(19) beefing up = aumentar, reforzar, incrementar

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Comentarios (4)
Guada (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:30 pm Responder

Thank you very much Esther, this expressions are great!! "every cloud has a silver lining", I like so much this expresión.

Danny (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:30 pm Responder

All very useful expressions! Excellent. Will definitely share. Still hard for me to see the "silver lining" about being back from vacation, though!!! :( Will have to go pub crawling to forget my woes.

c Chantal tresca (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:30 pm Responder

Thank you Esther. Wonderful for me as I'd promised myself to rrecuperate my english this year. With people like you and the friends we have in LC, I can see the ssilver linning without going pub crowling!

Maite (no verificado)
5 Febrero 2016 12:30 pm Responder

Esther, thank you for your advice and your positivism, with them the return will be less hard. I love the idiom " every cloud has a silver líning"...thank you for your lessons

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