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World English by Mark Gordon Oakley

Fernando Contreras Blanco Profesor Universidad Europea Blog Traducción e Interpretación en la Universidad Europea Publicado 22 Julio 2016


English really is a world language and the type of English you speak may vary considerably depending on where you are. Over and above that, the language itself has incorporated a huge number of terms and expressions from other countries and cultures that speak English and which now form part of the English language.

All of the terms below are taken from the Oxford English Reference Dictionary. They are all used in the English language and are intimately connected with a particular English-speaking country or region and, therefore, can only be used when referring to that country or region. Can you sort them out according to the country/region they refer or belong to?

Here’s an example: glen -> Only refers to Scotland. Definition: a narrow valley in Scotland.


Loch, prairie, dingo, prairie dog, glen, memsahib, highway, Afrikaner, freeway, clan, high school, firth, bombora, schnook, the bush, St. Patrick's Day, the outback, the Order of the Thistle, sophomore, reggae, paddy, motorway, the thistle (national emblem), schmuck, rookie, the Victoria Cross, punkah-wallah, redneck, Scouser, veldt, the Great Lakes, Geordie, leprechaun, Rasta(farian), Brummie, the Big Apple, cockney, the Home Counties, knobkerrie, kirk, wetback, tossing the caber, tucker, mick, sahib, springbok,haggis, dale, bairn, pommie, boomerang, Taoiseach, sidewalk, calypso, Shetland wool, taffy, bourbon, coolie, Cymru, the Shires, Boer, schmaltz, the Black Country, Africaans, kilt, the rose (national emblem),  Stateside, sjambok, ska, ceilidh, Thanksgiving, nan bread, Independence Day, lass, wee (adj), didgeridoo, hinney, Yankee, the leek (national emblem), Uitlander, hurling, shinty,  lough, Kaffir, the Raj, billabong, pet (term of endearment), the Highlands, Black and Tan, slainte, bhaji, Lallans, the Lake District, laird, monsoon, the Highlands, aussie, glengarry, burgher, downunder, wallabie, St. George's Day, hogmanay, springbok, Uncle Sam, purdah, perfidious Albion, Highland fling, Aran jumper, tam o' shanter, whisky, the Beeb, Mancunian, Fenian, kiwi, Dáil, jock, Land of Our Fathers, the shamrock (national emblem), bagpipes, pearly king/queen, applejack, amber nectar, Guy Fawkes Night, Morris dancing, tandoori, char ....

Here are the countries / regions you can list the terms under:

1. Australia / New Zealand

2. America / Canada (North America)

3. England

4. The Midlands / Northern England

5. Scotland

6.  Wales

7. Ireland

8. South Africa

9.  India

10. Jamaica / West Indies


Mark Gordon Oakley, translator and lecturer




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