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Experiencias internacionales

Aprende con los prácticos consejos idiomáticos de nuestros profesores o disfruta de las experiencias internacionales sin salir de casa: te acercamos la diversidad cultural que se respira en la Universidad Europea.


Do you love your computer? Does it have a personality of its own?
Do you talk to it, swear at it, encourage it to do what you want?
Do you get frustrated when it just won't behave?


Do you remember everything you read?
Do you stare (mirar fijo) at the computer screen or your notes or a book and 5 minutes later have no idea of what you just read?

Maybe you are young and active and yet have the brain of an oldster.
Maybe you are older but are quicker than a person 1/2 your age.


We’ve all be watching the Presidential Campaign in the US.
You’ve been getting a lot of information about the candidates, the voting process, and the campaigning in the different states.

You’ve been hearing about the hurricanes and tropical storms in the southern US and the fires in California.

You may have been to the US on vacation or as an exchange student.


Victoria sent this in. Try it. It's a BBC webpage to help you learn English. And it's fun! See if you can get all the punctuation right. Try the mental math and science too. Can you identify the parts of a flower? Are some of them the same in your language?




The Beauty of Math!