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Experiencias internacionales

Aprende con los prácticos consejos idiomáticos de nuestros profesores o disfruta de las experiencias internacionales sin salir de casa: te acercamos la diversidad cultural que se respira en la Universidad Europea.


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Most of you come here every day. Can you answer these questions?
Challenge your friends ! Who knows the most about the UEM?

1. How many flags are flying in front of the Universidad Europea de Madrid, Villaviciosa Campus? 2 12 22 32 42 52

2. What is the speed limit on the UEM Villaviciosa Campus?


How did you do on the GEOGRAPHY TEST on this BLOG in April?
Try it again before you do this one. You probably need the practice.

This child, Lilly, is almost 2 years old. She can locate many countries on a world map. Can you identify as many as she can?


Sep 30, 2008


You've heard all about the new "T 4", at Barajas International Airport, Madrid. Maybe you've been there. You've seen the lofty ceilings with their red-orange-yellow, green-blue support structure.


Yes, rock concerts in ENGLISH ! Great way to learn the language.
Last Friday night June 27th was opening night for ROCK in RIO in Arganda del Rey.