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Read this blog ! Practice your English! Come on ( venga ya)!. No deadlines (fechas tope). No exams. It's just a fun way to learn the language. 

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How did you do on the GEOGRAPHY TEST on this BLOG in April?
Try it again before you do this one. You probably need the practice.

This child, Lilly, is almost 2 years old. She can locate many countries on a world map. Can you identify as many as she can?


You may know what most of the following abbreviations mean.

You should know what the last one means, what it is used for, and how to use it. Some day it could save your life !



It's spring in Spain!
The grass is growing and the flowers are blooming.


Brain Teasers : THINK !!!

1. Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Wednesday, or Friday?


This is a math game produced by the British Council.
Can you figure out how the gopher does it?

n. small burrowing rodent (native to the North American prairies)
ardilla de tierra, similar to a mole "topo"


Can you make your stone skip over the water two, three, four times?
Teach a child to do this, and you'll remember the experience forever.


Sometimes we are in such a hurry we only notice the obvious, the big picture. We see a nice garden, or a quiet student, or a big white classroom. And we continue on with our day.


Do you love your computer? Does it have a personality of its own?
Do you talk to it, swear at it, encourage it to do what you want?
Do you get frustrated when it just won't behave?


Do you remember everything you read?
Do you stare (mirar fijo) at the computer screen or your notes or a book and 5 minutes later have no idea of what you just read?

Maybe you are young and active and yet have the brain of an oldster.
Maybe you are older but are quicker than a person 1/2 your age.


We’ve all be watching the Presidential Campaign in the US.
You’ve been getting a lot of information about the candidates, the voting process, and the campaigning in the different states.

You’ve been hearing about the hurricanes and tropical storms in the southern US and the fires in California.

You may have been to the US on vacation or as an exchange student.