Shakespeare slept here!

Read this blog ! Practice your English! Come on ( venga ya)!. No deadlines (fechas tope). No exams. It's just a fun way to learn the language. 

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It's Welcome Week at UEM. Come by the stands between buildings B and C September 24th-28th. You'll get a "Guia del Estudiante" and a lot of information about the Sports program, Volunteering, the Library , the International Club...


There's an easy way and there's a difficult way to do practically anything.


"I can read and write and more or less understand what people say, but I just


. Making new friends, FAST!


Multiple choice exam. Choose the correct answer.

1.Can you speak English?


It's July. The weather's great. We're in Spain! What more could you ask for? Most Europeans would love to be in your shoes: taking walks along the boulevards, stopping at an outdoor café, sipping "tinto de verano" and talking for hours with family and friends.


Yes, teachers go to class too. In-house courses abound at UEM, especially during the summer. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Iñigo Zaballa has been studying English with us in the UEM LAB (Language Center) since October 2010. He's a great fan of music in English and American films and series.


Marta Jordano, who studied Physical Theraphy and Podology at CEU, and a
post grad degree , Título de Experto en Drenaje Linfático Manual here at UEM, has been coaching the UEM Lacrosse Girls’ Team for the last academic year. She wants to encourage more girls, especially sports students, to join the team..


Beer and conversation go hand in hand. Why not try it in English?