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Episode 64: An open mind to other cultures

Babel World Blog del Grado en Traducción y Comunicación Intercultural de la UEV Blog Babel World Publicado 08 Febrero 2013

Episode 64 of our Blog has an international focus as always, but this time from one of our Laureate English Program students. Our student Quentin Rollin talks about his experiences as a foreign student here in the Universidad Europea Valencia

My first term in the Universidad Europea Valencia has taught me so much about the different cultures and the different ways of life.

Studying a career as a French student in an international university, in a foreign country is an incredible experience.

In my class this year we are a small group (approximately 25 students) and the majority of the students are Italians. There is one Spanish student and I am the only French student. At the beginning of the term I was quite scared of how we would be able to communicate, and if Spanish would be the main language or if I would have to start learning Italian. But I must say the Italians didn’t lock themselves between the Italian speaking students and really reached out to learn Spanish. Rapidly we were able to communicate in Spanish and even sometimes in Italian! We’ve all gained an ability to understand a language without actually understanding every single word, which I think, brings us an open mind toward other culture.

All the teachers consider the fact we don’t have a great level of Spanish and really adapt the class to that by helping us in the vocabulary and finding many synonyms until everyone understands. So I would say there is a great accessibility for foreigners to the classes!

In my “international” class the debates and conversations are very interesting because everyone is bringing in their own culture. Even among the Italians! I have learned that there is a big difference between Italians from the north and the south! One of the best things of being in a class with many cultures is that every class dinner is a trip to a region of the world.

But living with so many cultures can mix up your own and you may forget what your culture is! But your culture will never disappear, it will get richer!

This term I was also given the opportunity to follow English classes on the English Language Program (one more language!), which has brought me mind elasticity because twice a week I had to switch from Spanish/Italian to English! In our group once again we were a very small number of students (5 students). This small group has enabled us to talk more and participate, but also to discuss things and share once again our culture differences. All of that in English, which really made this class a real teaching tool for life situations!

So far I’m having a great time in this University, and I’m really looking forward to the second term!

Quentin Rollin – 1º Dentistry Student and Laureate English Program Student

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19 Abril 2016 10:34 am Responder

This is evidence of the international nature of UEV. I am glad that Quentin is taking advantage of being surrounded by so many cultures, which I am sure will serve him well in his future professional life. Lynn Summerfield. Dpto. Traducción y Comunicación Intercultural. UEV

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