I love to teach and I love to learn. Over the years I've created hundreds of fun activities that make learning easy. We tried them out over and over again in the hallways, in the garden, in the street and yes, even in the classroom. Many are posted on this blog, "Shakespeare slept here." Many of you may have participated in them. 
I've always been both a teacher and a student in San Francisco, in Mexico and in Madrid. I was an English teacher at UEM for 18+ years. Now I'm happily retired and on to the next adventure.

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Men's brains and women's brains don't work in the same way.

YOU are trying to finish a project for school. You also have to get your mother a birthday present, take care of your little brothers and sisters in the afternoon and visit your grandmother on Sunday. You just finished telling your boyfriend all about it, and he answered by saying, “Let’s go to a movie tonight. And we could go to the mountains this weekend”. You’re furious. He wasn’t even listening to you.