I love to teach and I love to learn. Over the years I've created hundreds of fun activities that make learning easy. We tried them out over and over again in the hallways, in the garden, in the street and yes, even in the classroom. Many are posted on this blog, "Shakespeare slept here." Many of you may have participated in them. 
I've always been both a teacher and a student in San Francisco, in Mexico and in Madrid. I was an English teacher at UEM for 18+ years. Now I'm happily retired and on to the next adventure.

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Sponsored by the UEM Language Center

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Building B

Try our American Apple Pie & Pumpkin Pie.

Try a dessert from Spain or another country.


NEWS FLASH: 543.45€ were collected for AMIGOS DE SIERRA LEONA at the 2-day November Book Sale. Thank you all your your participation.

19th BOOK EXCHANGE & SALE Main Hall Building B
Wednesday & Thursday, November 5th & 6th 11:00-18:00


It's a new academic year and there are new people everywhere.

The typical questions: What do you study? Where are you from?


IX GIANT PUMPKIN CONTEST October 2014- Once again the Language Center at UEM is sponsoring its GIANT PUMPKIN CONTEST. For the 9th year! Many of you planted the seeds from last year's pumpkins and spent the summer caring for your little seeds, plants, flowers and tiny pumpkins. Now we are awaiting the results. Did your plants make it through the summer? Did you water them and speak to them in English?


Do you speak English? Do you want to help the foreign students with Spanish?


Greetings from California ! I went to San Francisco today, and took a walk down by the bay. Lots of people were down there, walking and riding bikes and cruising by in 2-seater go-carts. Some were speaking English of course, but I could also hear Italian and French, Chinese and SPANISH too. And as we walked along the waterfront, towards the Golden Gate Bridge, we saw a seal pop its head up to look at us and a couple of dolphin appeared several times as they chased each other towards Alcatraz.





What can YOU do to help the environment?
Think about it for a few minutes.

You could turn off the water when you brush your teeth. You could use a canteen for water instead of plastic bottles. You could share a ride to school or take the bus or ride your bike!