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Wow! Look at that pumpkin!

Wendy . Blog Published 10 September 2010

The GIANT PUMPKIN contest at UEM is in its 5th year ! Some of our staff and students are discovering, to their great surprise, that they have excellent farming skills. Their pumpkin plants are growing, producing flowers and little pumpkins...or big ones. Some have not been so lucky. Some have funny stories to tell.

Here's Ofelia Giquel from the Advertising and Communications Department with her giant pumpkin at the beginning of September. And it's still growing!

Ofelia in her pumpkin patch

Chrisa Sampanes from Extracurricular Activities (Extensión Universitaria) reports that her vine has taken on a life of its own. It has overtaken the entrance to her house making her feel a bit like "Jack in the Bean Stalk." Her neighbors told her that her pumpkin vines caused quite a stir in the neighborhood while she was on vacation. Chrisa is very disappointed that with all these vines, no pumpkin has appeared. She even had to cut back her vines so she could get into her house! The vine is still alive so Chrisa hasn't lost hope that one day a pumpkin will appear.

Raquel Pereda from Quality Control says that one of her pumpkins is at least 30 kilos and still growing.

And the rest of you who planted pumpkin seeds? I expect a lot of contestants for the GIANT & MINATURE PUMPKIN CONTEST at the end of October.



skills: habilidades
growing: crecer
lucky: tener suerte
funny stories to tell : historias chistosas para contar.
Jack in the Bean Stalk: Juan y las habichuelas mágicas
vine: viña
overtaken: se ha hecho dueño de, tomar posessión
stalk: tronco, tallo
cause quite a stir: causar un revuelo
neighborhood: barrio
disappointed :disillusionado
cut back: recortar
get into: entrar en , entrar en con dificultad
alive: vivo
hope: esperanza

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Joaquín Galván (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Unfortunately, this year, only one pumpkin grew; but, at he end,dried up.It was the first plant of my garden... I hope to be a more successful farmer next year. Best regards, Joaquín

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