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Would you like to fly in this plane? A380......A390...

Wendy . Blog Published 20 March 2009

Is the Airbus 390 still on the drawing board?

Is this prototype now under construction?

Would you fly in it this summer if it were in operation?

Lots of questions.

The next step in aviation history is about to become a reality.

I remember looking at the Jumbo, the Boeing 747, from the SFO terminal in 1970 as I was about to board a DC 8, another smaller chartered jet plane which is now obsolete. It took me from San Francisco to Bangor Maine and then on to Paris. A few days later I flew to Madrid for my Junior Year Abroad, a year long exchange program. This was the first of my many flights back and forth from California.

How could that NEW plane, the 747, ever get off the ground? Would I ever fly in one?

Well, I've been flying to the States in the JUMBO, and later the DC 10 and Airbus for almost 40 years. Those GIGANTIC planes, better known as the wide-bodies DID get off the ground. And now the aeronautic engineers think they can develop much bigger planes. It seems that the A380 is already with us and the A390 may not be far behind. We'll wait and see....if we ever fly in one.

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Airbus 380 and a prototype of the A390 (?)

on the drawing board: in the designing stage; en la primera etapa de diseño/en la mesa del delineante

if it were: if it is possible; si fuese

about to board: just before getting on an airplane; a punto de entrar en el avión

back and forth: coming and going; ida y vuelta, ir y venir

get off the ground: take off; despegar

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Comments (3)
EMiLiO (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Does the new plane have music and dance room inside? hehe. It looks HUGE! Next time I fly to the States (I hope someday I will be able to...if I save some money) I'll be asking for that new plane! It's got to be comfortable...

+27 16085767 (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

When are South African Airways getting their A380 and when will the A390 be Lounched ?

Fátima Gómez (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

It's really hugue¡ I remeber that 8 years ago I wen to to NY. I flew whith VIrgine airlines and it was fantastic. I don´t remenber what airbus it was, but, may be it was the airbus 390. The plane had a lot of place. The gave us meal, drinks (wine, champgne),chocolate, an every thing that we have asked for. It was possible to watch the last films and to listen the best music. The sats were wery confortables. I was really surprise abaut this flight... afther that I had never flew in such a hugue airplane¡

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