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Window washing

Wendy . Blog Published 07 October 2011

Windows ! Windows everywhere.

The language lab is all windows, all interior windows that is. The walls are made of glass. Everyone can see what's going on in the lab, in the classes, in the offices. There are no secrets. And every few months someone comes to wash all those windows and glass walls. It's quite a job!

Can you imagine being a window-washer? Would you like that? How many times have you washed the windows and mirrors in your room, house, office or building? Have you ever spent a few hours washing windows. It's hard work. You should try it.
When I was a child I washed windows sometimes. It was fun for a few minutes, a very few minutes. Those windows got really dirty, from the sap from the 6 big eucalyptus trees right by my house. The windows were really sticky. We stood on a deck while we washed those windows. It was hard work but we had fun!
Can you imagine what it's like to wash the exterior windows at UEM.
Have you ever stopped to watch the window washers? Have you ever talked to them? -Wendy

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Comments (3)
Angela (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

More than a window washer, I was a car-washer - you made more money!

SimonaB1 (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

I never talked with a window washers because only a few times I met them out the university and when I met them, they were clinging to the window.

FI. B2.1 DM (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

I think that people like builders or painters who is working hanging out of buildings need some extra climbing and security skills.

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