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Where have all the telephone booths gone?

Wendy . Blog Published 10 April 2012

Make a phone call. No problem. Well, that depends.

Imagine you're in a foreign country. You don't want an international call to be charged to your phone when you're really just making a local call.

So you search for a phone. You figure out area codes and the numbers, and you find enough coins. You get out the phone number. You're all set.

Well, yes and no. You may be lucky and get through on the first try.

You may get a busy signal or a recording to leave a message.

Making a phone call is not what it used to be.

I was in England recently. Sometimes I found a phone and sometimes I really had to search for one. Then in the town of Kingston I saw this!

Many of the traditional red phone booths are no longer in use. And some, like these have been preserved. They're not going to be destroyed. They're perfect right where they are.


search: buscar
figure out: resolver
coins: monedas
get out: sacar
you're all set: estás listo
get through: comunicarse
busy signal: está comunicando
used to be: lo que era
phone booths: cabinas de telefono

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