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Wendy . Blog Published 04 May 2011

You've been going to school for years.Have you ever had the chance to give your opinion about your teachers and classes? Here at the UEM you do. And now, as one more academic year is coming to a close, we want to know what you think about your English language course at the UEM LAB.

You'll need to fill out our survey in the lab itself or on-line. What did you think about our blended learning program? You know: multimedia+student manual+corresponding classes+complementary classes. Hopefully you took your English language studies seriously and have followed the guidelines we suggested when you started out. You planned out your year, worked consistently on the multimedia, and scheduled your classes at regular intervals. And now you're almost finished! You kept up a good pace and learned a lot. You may have found some of the classes, especially the ESP classes, to be challenging. You had the opportunity to go to ESP in other fields. Did you check them out? And many of you found extra Complementary Classes that I know you enjoyed. Just look at the photo album!

We hope you've learned a lot, not only about the English language but about yourselves. You've no doubt realized that you CAN communicate your ideas to others in English. You've had to pace yourself and not wait for the last minute to cram for an exam. You've learned to plan ahead so you could get the classes at the times you wanted them. You've become a little more responsible. We're here to help you and to guide you, but you're the one who's responsible for reaching your goals. Are you almost there? We hope you are. Did you work steadily and finish your English requirements? Of course you did! And now you're concentrating on your other subjects. That was the plan in the fall, remember?
OK: Enough said. Would you please do the opinion poll? Thank you.


Vocabulary:******survey/questionnaire/opinion poll = encuesta
chance: opportunity
fill out: rellenar
survery: encuesta
blended: combinado
guidelines: guia
kept up a good pace : (keep up) mantener un buen ritmo
challenging: desafiante
ESP: English for Special Purposes
field: campos de estudio
check them out: fijarte en ellos
no doubt: sin duda
realize: darse cuenta
pace yourself: fijar pautas
to cram for an exam: estudiar a la última hora
plan ahead: planear
guide: guiar
reach your goals: llegar a tus metas
steadily: con regularidad

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Comments (2)
Esther (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

As the pros of studying in the Lab far outweigh the cons I am sure we will receive plaudits for our work :D

Esther (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

I'm sure the good comments will outweigh the bad ones! Enough said for today... My very pretentious terms will be back soon though! ;)

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