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Welcome 2010

Wendy . Blog Published 04 October 2010

Welcome 2010.
On the 30th of September, the 1st and 4th of October several WELCOME 2010 stands were set up on the UEM campus. Those of you who talked to the people at the stands were given presents along with pamphlets about the activities on campus.

The "Healthy Campus" stand had barrels of apples. Maybe you took one, and possibly another in a different building. That's great. That's what they were there for. Remember it's better to eat fruit than junk food between classes. If you're a smoker you must have joined the crowd just outside the gates. NO SMOKING at UEM. If you were really lucky and came by at the right moment, you might have received a "Healthy Campus" t-shirt or a laptop case.

The "Internships and Job Placement" stand gave away little notebooks with pens attached. They want to be sure that you get to do an internship before you graduate.

At the "Sports" stand you got band wrists with zipper compartments so you can take money with you when you are out jogging. They might have told you all about the UEM teams and the activities at the Sports Center. You know that there are great work-out rooms. And classes! Try FUNKY, SPINNING, YOGA and don't miss doing laps at your own pace in the swimming pool.

Maybe you went to a casting for the Drama Club, or signed up for some of the other "Extra-Curricular Activities" on campus. Can you sing or play an instrument? Join the TUNA!. Did you get one of the yellow bags from that stand?

And what about "Volunteering and Solidarity and Recycling "? Stop thinking only of yourself and help others. You can work with an NGO here in Madrid, or go off to another country where YOU can really make a difference by helping people help themselves. Did you get the cloth bag with a big yellow flower on it?

And there was an "International" stand for the foreign students who have come here and for those of you who want to go abroad. Did you get their give-away? I'm going to use mine the next time I travel. It will hold my tickets, my passport, my money, my credit cards....everything! Now that's a really useful give-away for a university that is encouraging everyone to travel!

Did you talk to the people at the "Library" stand? If you did, you got a pencil, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener. You also found out about the library and how the people there can help you with your research.

You may even have talked to me or one of my colleagues from the "UEM LAB". If so you got an "I SPEAK ENGLISH" sticker and if you participated in our instant interviews with that cute little plastic microphone, you also got a beautiful book bag which says "I SPEAK ENGLISH!" Do you?

During WELCOME 2010 we talked to hundreds of you. We hope you enjoyed our little conversations and our little gifts. Have a great year!


P. S. "Welcome 2010" is a bit of a misnomer. We aren't welcoming in 2010 as we did on January 1st, 2010 by saying, "Happy New Year!" No, this isn't the beginning of the calendar year or the fiscal year. No, no, no. And most of the UEM students started classes in September so we wouldn't say WELCOME to them, though we could say WELCOME BACK! The last few days--"Welcome 2010"--was meant for YOU. It was a special WELCOME for the incoming students, the Freshmen, the First Year Students, the new Graduate Students, the Professional Course Students, the Exchange Students, the new professors and staff. We are welcoming in the new ACADEMIC year.
Hope to see you around campus! Wendy


Stands: puestos
set up: montar, organizar
junk food: comida basura
join the crowd:reunirte al grupo
gates: puertas del jardin,rejas, puerta de embarque
were lucky: tenía suerte
laptop case: funda para un ordenador portatil (lap:regazo / top:encima)
internships: prácticas en empresas,
give away: regalar
wrist bands: muñequera
zipper: cremallera
jogging: running slowly
team: equipo
workout: sala de ejercicios
do laps: hacer largos
at your own pace: a tu propio paso
sign up for: register for, apuntarse para
bag: bolsa
go abroad: irse al extranjero
useful: útil
encourage: animar
found out about: enterarse de
research: investigación
sticker: pegatina
cute: mono, guapo
gifts: presents, regalos

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