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University Reporters---From México!

Wendy . Blog Published 01 December 2010

What better way to meet the locals than to be a reporter yourself!

Last week exchange students from UVM (University de Valle de Mexico) participated in our UNIVERSITY REPORTERS along with UEM LAB students. UEM interviewing UVM and vice versa. Everyone was given a list of questions and so the interviews began across a long LONG table. Each student had a partner to interview, then switched to another, then shifted to a third. Finally they wrote their own sets of questions and were ready to go. Everyone was given a "microphone"; a plastic bowling pin which looks like a.....well, like a toy bowling pin, or an ice cream cone, but when it is placed quickly in front of your mouth, it really feels like you are confronted with a microphone.
The interviews were about to begin. Students from both sides of the Atlantic, and both sides of the long LONG table, went to interview the unsuspecting students and staff who happened to be in the cafeteria or simply passing by. Lots of energy! Lots of fun!

Don't be shy about meeting new people. Try UNIVERSITY REPORTERS!


partner: pareja, compañero
switched: cambió
shifted: cambió
third: tercero
own: propio
sets of: juego de, conjunto de
ready: listo
bowling pin: bolo
ice cream cone: cucurucho
placed: colocado
shy: tímido

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Gonzalo (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

It was really funny!

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