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UEM is growing!

Wendy . Blog Published 04 November 2011

More students = more staff = more classrooms = more of everything !

Enrollment is up so classroom space is at a premium. If the student population continues to grow at the current rate, Buildings A,B,C,and D will be bursting at the seams. What's the solution? Building E ? Yes, it is now under construction.


Parking has always been a problem in Madrid. Not at UEM. The "new" parking lot was opened in 2010. Another one has just been surfaced this fall.


Finding a parking place here is no excuse for being late to work or class.

This campus always seems to be growing, and adapting to the student population. I remember seeing one building and some tennis courts when I drove by in the early 1990s. A second building soon followed, and the lake, and the bridge over it. In 1996 Building C was completed. Then Building D, the Sports Center, became a reality with a great gym, fitness rooms and an indoor swimming pool! And soon the sports field, track, and outdoor pool were added. And guess what? There are still open spaces, lawns and landscaped areas.



enrollment: matriculación
is up: en ascenso
at a premium: escaso/dificil de encontrar
current rate: incremento actual
bursting at the seams: a reventar
parking lot (Amer)/car park (Brit): aparcamiento
has been surfaced: ha sido pavimentado
lawn: cesped
landscaped: ajardinado

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david (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Hi Wendy! It's fantastic how the building has changed since July! I hope everything's going well. Greetings from Helsinki :-)

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