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Transparent Factory right downtown.

Wendy . Blog Published 30 June 2011

The automobile industry is in crisis. Well, it is in some parts of the world.

As Detroit and other industrial cities struggle with factory closures and urban renewal, Dresden, Germany has an new glass car factory right in the center of the city. Volkswagon has proven that it can be done: a high-tech facility which is modern, quiet, clean, and transparent. And right downtown!

Upon entering the building you'd think you were in an art gallery, a concert hall or an upscale company headquarters. There is a visitors gallery, and potential buyers are allowed on the factory floor, to get a closer look at how the cars are put together. Everyone wears white, even the factory workers.

The parts come into the factory by cargo tramway. And then they move by under-the-floor magnets to their spot in the assembly line. Practically everything is computerized. Every screw is accounted for at every stage of production and nothing litters the factory floor. Electronic arms move parts. It's a "James Bond version of the future come to life." As the chassis take shape, they are sent to an over-head conveyor system which positions the "car" so that workers can connect cables and do the finer adjustments without stooping. And after a final check for scratches and such, the cars are moved into the storage facility or driven out by their new owners.

High Tech Car factory:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nd5WGLWNllA


struggles: lucha
closures: cierres
renewal: renovación
has proven: ha demostrado
facility: instalación
downtown: en el centro de la ciudad
upscale: elegant, expensive, modern
headquarters: oficina central
are allowed: están permitidos
closer: más cerca
put together: asemblado
wears: lleva puesto
even: incluso
tramway:tren ligero, tranvía
magnets: imanes
spot: posición, lugar exacto
screw: tornillo
stage: etapa
litters: estar cubierto de
take shape: tomar forma
scratches: rayajos
without stooping: sin agacharse
owners: propietarios, dueños

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Alejandro Berto... (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

The factories of our days are almost a 100% automatic, and also very clean, last summer i visited the headquarters of BMW(Munich) and Audi(Ingolstad) and they seemed more like food factories instead of car factories. Due to this the price of the car get lower and more people can buy it. This automation will increase, because the engineers are developing new ways to organize the factory, how to transport the pieces,improve the quality of it, in short do all more efficiency.

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