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Traffic on the bridge

Wendy . Blog Published 16 October 2009

There's always a lot of foot-traffic on the bridge at the UEM and this week was no exception. In fact, there were more people than usual. 18 NGOs, non-governmental volunteer organizations, set up their stands around campus and gave out information about volunteering on the bridge. UEM LAB Reporters were out there too, encouraging students and employees to register for English and handing out "I speak English" stickers. Lots of you stopped for a chat, in English, of course!

I speak English!
Mahou was there too. They were giving away free samples of their new Mixta, a low-alcohol content beer with lemon drink. It was thirst-quenching on a hot afternoon, and several students walked over the bridge again and again, collecting free bottles for an after-school party.

bridge = puente (long weekend = puente)

set up = montar

gave out = repartieron

volunteering = voluntariado

encouraging = animando

to register = matricularse

handing out = repartiendo

stickers = pegatinas

giving away = regalando

thirst-quenching = que acaba con la sed

walk over = cruzar


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estibaliz (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

great day in the uem... without any doubt.

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