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Those were the days my friend.... ¡qué me quiten lo bailao!

Wendy . Blog Published 24 January 2011

Flash back to 1968.

Welsh singer Mary Hopkin's rendition of "Those were the days my friend" is at the top of the charts. The student movement in the US and in England and in France is gaining momentum. Youth, idealism, flower power, free love, solidarity, freedom, happiness.......life goes by..... Enjoy it why you can!

"Those were the days my friend
We thought they'd never end
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we choose
We'd fight and never lose
For we were young and sure to have our way..."


Flash forward to 2011 40+ years have gone by.

Another generation, another country, another language. Same sentiment.

2011. Spain: unemployment, university graduates still living at home but doing more and more advanced degrees, getting ready for....for what? For a brighter future, for the international job market, for independence, for a mortgage and a family of their own. Yes, yes....that'll come. That will all arrive before you know it.

Meanwhile we've got to get the assignments done;get the projects turned in. "I need time to do all the research." "I don't have time to study for exams." "There's a party on Friday." "We're all meeting at the pub on Thursday at 11, p.m." "Don't worry dad, I'll be home by dawn."

Study, study, study but don't give up the good times. Start early. Don't wait for panic time. Don't find yourself cramming for exams, pulling all-nighters and just squeaking by. Too many months of staying out all night, spending computer time chatting or keeping up with your social networks. "Research? I'll do it tomorrow."

It's all part of student life. Enjoy it while you can. One of these days you'll get a job, and more responsibilities and that mortgage. Right now, do what you have to do! Excell when you can, develop your competencies, strive for perfection, don't drown in mediocrity. What's your dream? Go for it! And as the old Spanish saying goes, "Qué me quiten lo bailao".

Look at this satire about the famous Spanish flamenco dancer.



P.S. One time, many years ago, I found myself on a trans-Atlantic flight, sharing the row with this famous Spanish dancer. He was obviously trying NOT to be recognized by the flight attendants and passengers--an impossible feat as the comments and glances became more direct and word got around. After a few handshakes and autographs he asked for privacy. I was sad to hear that he had lost his "bailao"!


Welsh/from Wales: de Gales
charts: lista de canciones más populares
youth: juventud
freedom: libertad
mortgage: hipoteca
assignments:tareas, trabajos para clase
research: investigación
by dawn: antes del amanecer
give up: rendir, dejar
cramming: estudiar mucho en el último momento
pulling all-nighters: estudiar toda la noche
squeaking by: aprobar por los pelos, haciendo lo mínimo
staying out: quedarse fuera, estar de fiesta
keeping up with: manteniendo el contacto
strive: luchar, hacer grandes esfuerzos
drown: ahogarse
mediocrity: being mediocre/second-rate/not very good; mediocridad

flight: vuelo
sharing: compartiendo
row: fila
flight attendants: azafatas, auxiliares
passengers: pasajeros
feat: hazana
glances: vistazos
handshakes: apretones de mano

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Nora Louise (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Great story with a lot of statements that are very true. Thanks for sharing!

Nora Louise (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

A beautiful story with very true facts. Thanks for sharing!

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