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"Summer means fun" Or does it?

Wendy . Blog Published 22 June 2011

It's June 21st, the Summer Solstice. School's out. June grades are out. Everybody should be out, enjoying the good weather and heading for the beach or the mountains or another country!

What are you doing? I pass some of you in the hall and ask you just that:
"What are you doing here?" Why didn't you finish what you were supposed to finish when you were supposed to? Why did you leave it for the summer? I guess you just want to hang around the U and keep us busy!

Let's take a break.

Let's look back a ways...way back...to the way things were before cassettes and CDs and video and DVDs and internet and, and, and. Let's go back to 1964. You most likely didn't exist yet, though a few of you may have been children way back then. You may have been a teenager with a transistor radio. You'd listen to KYA or the local teenage station, to the "oldies" which weren't "oldies" yet. You may have been really lucky because you had your own phonograph on which you played your 45s rather than always having to go to a friend's house. No, no downloading in those days. You bought those coveted little records with a big hole in the middle (why did they have a big hole in the middle?) for $1.06. That's 1 dollar and 6 cents tax, more than a week's allowance! Money didn't grow on trees then either, but you could go without practically anything, but not without music. And summer meant music all day! The Beach Boys and the Beatles were at the top of the charts.

What do you think about this song : SUMMER MEANS FUN?


is out: finished
grades: notas
are out: están publicados
should be out: estar fuera
heading for: dirigiéndose a
in the hall: por el pasillo
were supposed to: debías haber
leave it: dejarlo
hang around: estar de vago por
keep up busy: tenernos ocupados
take a break: tomar un descanso
way back: muy atrás
most likely: probablemente
let's go back: vamos para atrás
coveted: muy apreciados
records: discos
hole: agujero
in the middle: en medio
tax: impuestos
a week's allowance: la paga
grow on trees: crecer en los arboles/fácil de conseguir
go without: estar sin
meant: significaba
top of the charts: de los más vendidos

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Comments (2)
Esther (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

For all those students going back home for the summer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cHB3Rbz1OI Take out the papers and the trash Or you don't get no spendin' cash If you don't scrub that kitchen floor You ain't gonna rock and roll no more Yakety yak (don't talk back) Just finish cleanin' up your room Let's see that dust fly with that broom Get all that garbage out of sight Or you don't go out Friday night Yakety yak (don't talk back) You just put on your coat and hat And walk yourself to the laundromat And when you finish doin' that Bring in the dog and put out the cat Yakety yak (don't talk back) Don't you give me no dirty looks Your father's hip; he knows what cooks Just tell your hoodlum friend outside You ain't got time to take a ride Yakety yak (don't talk back) Yakety yak, yakety yak Yakety yak, yakety yak Yakety yak, yakety yak Yakety yak, yakety yak

Esther (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

By the way, the song is great Wendy! Your enthusiasm for the summer is starting to rub off on me :D

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