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Spring Break = Easter vacation = Semana Santa

Wendy . Blog Published 17 April 2009

This year our spring break was from April 4th to 12th, and it already seems like that was a long time ago! In Spain most companies give their employees a 4 day holiday, and schools are off the week before Easter. I know in the States, Spring Break at universities often doesn't coincide with Easter week. Whatever the dates many be, everyone needs those few days off !

Where did you go this year? I went to Paris! And I didn't spend TOO much money either. The flight was cheap. The trains in and out of Paris were more than we expected, but the rest of the time we walked or took the local buses. The double-decker tourist bus was 29 Euros each. Well, that was out so we just got on and off buses and trolleys and saw a lot of neighborhoods we wouldn't have otherwise.

We knew the Eiffel Tower was really not within our budget, and after taking these two photos, we decided we weren't destined to go up it. We'd seen it.....from a distance.

Go! Go tomorrow! Go!....................................Don't go!

We did go to several museums: the D'Orsay, the Rodin museum, the World War I and II museums at des Invalides, the Louvre.....twice! And we walked along the Seine, across the Seine, over the Seine and back again. We went to see the gorgeous stained glass windows at Saint Chapelle and the rose windows at Notre Dame.
.........Sainte Chapelle...................................................Notre Dame..............

We sat in the sun and searched for Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame as the bells began to ring out over the Seine. He, of course, didn't appear, but we saw the gargoyles high up above us, laughing at the tourists.
I spent 5 days laughing at myself as I attempted to communicate in French.
The rest of the time I sat home alone. Yep, it was a nice vacation.
I hope you got to go some place special for your spring break.



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EMILIO (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

I went to the paradise: MALAGA. I stayed in a hotel in Torremolinos, and I enjoyed it a lot! I didn't spend a lot of money either (I would if I had it!)... I was in Paris once, when I was 12 years old, but just for 1 day. I did go up the Eiffel Tower! I run up until I reached the top, my mom tried to follow me but she couldn't, she got tired :D We also went to Eurodisney in that trip, it was nice.

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