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Speed Exchange

Wendy . Blog Published 19 October 2010

Want to meet new people really fast? Try SPEED EXCHANGE!

Similar to SPEED DATING, SPEED EXCHANGE is a great way to get to know new people. And it's fun too. We just set up a long row of tables and chairs so participants could face each other. Everyone talked at once, asking and answering questions. Every few minutes we stopped the conversations and the new acquaintances said good-bye, got up and moved down a chair or two or three to meet a new person. By the end of the hour everyone had met a lot of new people.

Lorraine Dakers of the UEM LAB created SPEED EXCHANGE with members of the International Club when they suggested a joint activity last year. This October Chrisa Sampanes from University Extension wrote up the questions and encouraged the new foreign students to come to the activity.

On October 14th we had 23 participates, 1/2 from the UEM LAB and 1/2 exchange students from the Laureate Network of International Universities and the Erasmus and Garcilaso Exchange Programs. They could have been talking in a dozen languages but everyone was practicing their English! And once they got talking.....and never stopped!

SPEED EXCHANGE turned out to be quite a lively international experience without leaving the Basement of Building A. Try it. It's fun. Vocabulary:

Want to...? = Do you want to?: ¿Quieres?
SPEED EXCHANGE: Intercambio veloz
get to know= meet: Llegar a conocer
set up: montar, colocar
row: fila
face each other: estar cara a cara
at once: a la vez, en seguida
acquaintances: conocidos
got up: se levantaron get up:levantarse
joint activity: actividad en conjunto
encouraged: animar
foreign: extranjero
quite a lively ... : bastante animado
without leaving: sin salir (preposition+ gerund (verb ing)

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