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Snow at the UEM !

Wendy . Blog Published 03 February 2009

The campus is beautiful! The lake is covered with snow! The trees and the benches, and... everything ! Lorenna Najera, a student from México saw snow for the first time here at the UEM on Friday. Mariluz & I happened to be on the bridge, taking pictures of this unusual event when she came out.

It NEVER snows in Villaviciosa, but it sure snowed on Friday. The traffic was a mess and even the airport closed for a few hours. Some of us had trouble getting to the university and some didn't get here at all. Look at what you missed!
http://comunidad.uem.es/myfiles/shakespeare/DSC01342.JPG" width="160" height="120
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Be sure you find time to watch the snowflakes fall. Wendy

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