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Small talk: Sunny Spain ?

Wendy . Blog Published 21 May 2012

Talking about the weather in English and in Spanish should be easy. We learn the basic vocabulary as children: sun=sol, clouds=nubes, rain=lluvia, hot=calor, cold=frío. So what happens when you try to start up a conversation with someone. The weather should be a nice warm-up, a bit of small talk before any real communication takes place.

Let's start with "It's cold !" = Es frío! WRONG. You studied Spanish. It's "Hace frío". "It's really cold"= "Hace mucho frío" It really makes cold? NO NO NO. "Hace mucho frío." "It's freezing" should be "está congelando" but it's not of course. It could be "Hace muchísimo frío", or you could personalize it a bit and try "Estoy helado" meaning "I am frozen" though some foreigners might think you mean "I am ice cream".

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. It's May. It should be warm and sunny. Last week it was. In fact it was warm, hot, really hot, very hot and for a few hours I'd have said "It was boiling."= Herviendo"--- No, we'd say, "Hacía mucho calor." People were out enjoying the sunshine one minute and heading for the shade the next. It felt like summer had come. And then the weekend weather report showed partially cloudy, occasional spring showers. Well, "it poured" vertía "Llovía a cantaros". As soon as you thought that it had cleared up and the sun came out again, another cloud appeared and it started to rain again.

This wasn't a "sprinkle". It was a "downpour". The temperature dropped, plunged, plummeted and suddenly it started to "hail". Hail in May? 20 minutes later the roads were dry and it was warm again. And the temperature? This can be confusing too. Do you think in Fahenheit or Celsius? I just round it off. There's a complex formula, but I figure 70º F is nice, and 20ºC is nice. Anything above or below starts to get too hot or too cold for me. Simplify! You don't need to worry about a few degrees here or there.

So, when in Spain. 30º C = Hace calor. "Vamos a la playa calienta el sol"...
5º C = Hace frío. "Ponte el abrigo."
30º F= Brrrr! "A la nieve, a jugar, a esquiar"
5º F = Not here in Spain! Maybe at the North Pole.
There is a phrase you should all be familar with: It's from the musical "My Fair Lady"= "Mi Bella Dama":
"The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain" which was translated as:
"La lluvia en Sevilla es una pura maravilla". So much for translation!
And what about the song "Raindrops keep falling on my head"?

OK. Now you're ready to make "small talk" about the weather. Talk to all the tourists and practice your second language ! Good luck!


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Comments (2)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Hi Wendy , my name is Antonio Muñoz and I am her student of group M37 . I want to speak about the different weather in Spain. I am from lebrija (seville) but now I live in Villaviciosa de Odon(Madrid)and there are more difference of temperature in relation with Madrid , In my town , you can wear with t-shirt all year and lebrija´s winter is very different to Madrid´s winter ,in lebrija´s winter , temperature maxima is -1ºC aprox and in Madrid´s winter , temperature maxima is -6ºC and in summer , there is more difference of temperatura: Lebrija : 44ºC Madrid : 30ºC aprox Best Wishes , Antonio Muñoz

Ana.B2.T52 (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Hello! I have to said that in Madrid,in summer, the temperature is much more higher than only 30 degrees. Maybe in "La Sierra de Madrid" the temperature in August is 36º but last August (2012) reached 41 degrees temperature. What is true is that this month of June 2013, is being less hot in Spain.

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